'The National Anthem of Windows Nation'

In honor of the new Windows Flag above the corporate campus:
OLE can you C, by the fonts of TrueType,
What so proudly we mailed to our users upgrading?
Whose class libs and tool bars, through the marketing hype,
Four meg RAM cards they'd bought, final beta awaiting.
And the testers declare, fix the bugs on the share,
Codeview'd every byte of our way cool software.
Oh, say does that user friendly icon yet wave
O'er the land of the GUI,
and the Windows of the brave.
lyrics, deanb
inspiration, stevesh'


'1 Genius Ne Bill Gates Ko Khat Likha
Sir, Mujhe Kuch Sawal Poochne Hen
1. Keyboard K Letters Sahi Jaga Nahi Hen, Keyboard Ka Sahi Version Kab Ayega?
2. Windows Me START Ka Button Hy, STOP Ka Nhi?
3. Hum Ms-Word Use Karte Hen, Mr-Word Kb Release Hoga?
4. Keyboard Me ANY KEY Ka Button Nhi to Computer Q Maangta Hy?
Aakhir Me 1 Zati Sawal
5. Aap Ka Naam GATES He To Aap WINDOWS Q Banaty Hain...??'


'Life before Computer
-Window was a square hole in a room.
-Application was something written in paper.
-Mouse was an animal.
-Keyboard was a Piano.
-File was a important office material.
-Hard Drive was a uncomfortable road trip.
-Cut was done with Knife n Paste was done with Glue.
-Web was spider's home.
-Virus was flu.
-We couldn't "UNDO" anything we have done'


Agr apko computer main urdu word ya aur kese symble ki zarorat ho to
goto start
= run
Hit Enter.



Ab Numeric Keys Se Alphabet Type Krein

Ka Button Press Kr K 65 se 90 Tak Key Press Krein
Capital Alphabet Mein Likhay Ga (ABC.....Z)

Small Letters K Liye 97 se 122 Tak Keys Press Krein (abc.....z)


'Dear Google!

Please Stop behaving like a girl friend
Kindly let me complete my sentence before you give Suggestion...

thank you


'Wikipedia: Enter
a word... I have pages to tell.

Google: Enter a query... I have
unlimited ways to answer.

Internet: Without me, you both
are Nothing.

Computer: Without me, You all
are useless.
Electricity: Keep Talking... ;-)'


'Agr Computer System Punjabi Mai Hota To....

Welcome = Jee aya nu.
Ok= Ahoo
Insert= pao
Download=Thally lao.
Delete= Mitti pao.
Search= Labo.
Run= Nasso.
Syntax Error= Dur fitty mun.
Cntrl Alt Del= Sayappa he mukao'


'Agar ap ye dekhna chahte hain k ap se pehly computer pr kisi ne kya open kiya tha,

to go to run And

type "recent" And hit Enter


'A checker is a bless sing,
It freeze yew lodes of thyme.
It helps me right awl stiles two reed,
And aides me when aye rime.

Each frays come posed up on my screen
Eye trussed too bee a joule
The checker pour o'er every word
To cheque sum spelling rule.

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