'The Lifetime Of A Boy To Man..

I Was Born,

A Woman Was There 2 Hold Me:
My Mother

I Grew As A Child,
A Woman Was There 2 Care For Me & Play With Me:
My Sister.

I Went To School,
A Woman Was There 2 Help Me Learn:
My Teacher

I Became Depressed Whenever I Lost,
A Woman Was There 2 Offer A Shoulder:
My Girl Friend

I Needed Company ,
Compatability & Love..
A Great Woman Was There For Me:
My Wife

I Became Tough,
A Woman Was There 2 Melt Me:
My Daughter..

When I Die ,
A Woman Is There 2 Absorb Me In:
My Motherland

If U R A Man,
Value Every Woman &
If U R A Woman B Proud Of Urself…:'


'Dear Women,
You Paint Your Lips,
Flaunt Your Cleavage
Wear Butt-Hugging Jeans -
And Then
You expect men to notice your Emotions ?
X_X =)) :p ;;)'


'When women on all continents, often divided by national boundaries and
by ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences,
come together to celebrate their Day,'


'KHAWATEEN k huquq per film chal rahi thi,

Ek KHATOON ne josh mei nara lagaya:"aaj ki aurat kiya nahi kar sakti?"

Peechay se awaz i,


"Chup nai reh sakti"'


'The Story behind "Ladies First."

Long ago, a man & woman were madly in love.
They wanted to marry.
Parents did not approve.
They decided to suicide together & planned to jump from mountain.
The man could not bear to see his sweet heart fall.
He convinced her that he will jump first.
He jumped.
but the woman didn't jump.

all men decided


'1 pari ne 60 saal k shadi shuda jorre se kaha;

Me Tm dono ki 1 khawish puri kr skti Hun!

Bv: Me apne sohar k sath sari duniya ki sair krna chahti Hon,

Pari ne jadu ki chari ghumai or 2 tickets aa gaye.

phr shohar se pocha, tm kya chate Ho,..?

Apne se 30 saal choti Bv ka khwahishmnd Hon!

Pari ne jadu
se us ko 90 saal ka kr diya!


yad rakho k Pari bhi aurat Hoti He ;-)'


'Only one person in world can ORDER a
woman to stop talking and in reply she gives a smile to him

And He is ..


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